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Bluff Profiles and Rockpools

Bluff and River Views

Aerial Photos 1947-1990

Street, School, Ferry

People on Bluff and River

Hotel, Beach, Riverbank

Jetty, Camping, Orungal

Early Fishing


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Prepared and compiled by Martin Klabbers
(above left) The profile of the bluff as taken in 1939.   (above right) The same profile as taken in 2002.
As can be seen, over the years erosion has removed some of the loose sand revealing some craggy harder sections but the basic slope and structure has changed little.
Again in the above comparison of the 1905 picture (above left) and the 2002 photo (above right), the overlying loose sand has eroded but the structure remains identical.
Some photographs of the rock pools at the back point of the Bluff. Above left and right were taken in 1912 and the one to the left in 1930.
An Interesting  observation is that except for the adults in the top left, the fashions  of the teenagers are similar to current trends - full body bathers and long shorts.

(above) From this photograph, taken in 1915, it seems that the river bank between the Fishermans Jetty and the current bridge location was an even more popular spot than today.