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Teachers and students are reminded that no activities involving the collection or removal of any material, including animals, plants, shells, rocks, sand or seaweed, from the Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary are permitted.

The activities presented here may be suitable for conducting at school or as part of an excursion.

Any activities that involve sampling could be conducted in other areas. Check with the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DS&E) about the need for collecting permits if sampling is to be undertaken.

  This education package is based on the materials from the CD ROM, hence any class can visit and explore this unique environment without having to leave home. The resources are designed for Prep-Year 10. Activities are CSF Linked, Middle and Early Years Friendly, with a strong emphasis on the best pedagogies. Teachers are supported with conceptual information, strategic questions, relevant video clips and fact sheets from Teachers' Online Primary Science, as well as Parks Victoria park notes and activities.
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  Cross-curriculum Activities Studies of Society and Envrionment (SOSE)
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