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Koorie Welcome

As an elder of the Wathaurong community, I welcome you to the traditional meeting and gathering place of the Maa:Maart and Bengali clans. The Wathaurong people are part of the greater Kulin nation surrounding Port Phillip and Western Port Bays.  The Wathaurong area stretches south of Geelong toward Lorne, north toward Ballarat and then south east to the Werribee River.

Our elders have walked this land for thousands of years, living in harmony with the rhythms of nature. The Barwon Bluff was an important meeting and camping area for the Aboriginal community. Here they gathered and feasted on shellfish, eels and other seafoods. It was known as Kolo:oit which means the 'Mingling of fresh and salt water"

The cultural significance of this area is reflected in the middens and artefacts that have been found here. There are many midden sites on the Bluff, all of which are protected. The spiritual aspect of the area is depicted in the contemporary Kolo:oit art work in the Frank Ellis Reserve. The mosiacs of the bunyip, the eel, the whale and seahorse were chosen as they were vital spirits concerned with the health and prosperity of the people and the region.

We invite you to share the natural beauty of, and explore the cultural and historical heritage of Barwon Heads. We ask that you respect and protect this land and its traditions as we have done for thousands of years, so that we may all share its beauty for generations to come.

Lyn McInnes - Elder
Wathaurong Co-operative

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