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Hands off Parks

On Saturday 2nd of November at Wilsons Prom, over 1200 people helped us make a spectacular sign on the beach spelling out ‘HANDS OFF PARKS!’ with glittering torchlight ‘stars’. It was a wonderful occasion, as you will know if you were there! And we couldn’t have done it without the wonderful contributions from our supporters, volunteers and partners.Check out this great video of the
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Jon Duthie in Talking Heads

You might be interested to read this article from Friends of the Bluff  el Presidente Jon Duthie as featured in the esteemed Barwon Heads publication Talking Heads.  Page 6 It includes some poignant reflections of the importance of place, and also links to FoB online resources. Enjoy. Regards, Mark                                                

Horticultural and Land Management Courses

Please see some upcoming courses that some of you may be interested in. Please pass on to others.                                                                                               
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Build a Green Edge for Melbourne

Build a Green Edge for Melbourne

Hugh Possingham article in Decision Point 2009

This article is compulsory reading for all involved in marine protected area management and those that care.Surprisingly we have recently found more rock lobsters the Merri Marine Sanctuary  than outside.  Does fishing kill fish

Stunning BBC Commercial

David Attenborough does it again!                                                                                    What a beautiful reminder or why we do what we do. www.youtube.com/embed/auSo1MyWf8g?rel=0

Gloabl Marine and Polar Programme

Friends and Colleagues, The IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme (GMPP) is pleased to send you a link to its latest news magazine “Marine News”, which was recently distributed at the International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC3) in Marseille, France.As part of its focus on Marine Protection, this 36-page issue celebrates the choice of 31 new ocean Hope Spots, areas of ocean that merit
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VEAC Marine Draft Proposals Paper

As you  would be well aware the Victorian Environment Assessment Council (VEAC) has been asked by the Victorian Government to undertake an assessment of Victoria’s marine protected area system.The attached media release and link below provide access to the draft proposals released today. The Draft Proposals Paper is available online at www.veac.vic.gov.au , or by phoning VEAC on 1800 134 803.You are encouraged to
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Underwater Videos

 More great Victorian underwater footage now accessible to the world through the Ocean Plus site developed for the recent International Marine Protected Area Congress in France. (Thanks Roger )  Cheers, mark  Dear Roger Thank you again for giving me the videos on a USB key during the congress week. All the videos you submitted are online: http://www.oceanplus.tv/en/stories/video/383-parks-victoria-under-the-lens http://www.oceanplus.tv/en/stories/video/384-victoria-s-marine-national-parks-and-sanctuaries http://www.oceanplus.tv/en/stories/video/386-marine-pest-northern-pacific-seastar-found-in-tidal-river http://www.oceanplus.tv/en/stories/video/385-underwater-images-at-twelve-apostles Please don’t hesitate to
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Ricketts Point Newsletters

MCRP mailer 25.jan 014 MCRP mailer 24 – November 2013