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Bird Week Alert from Grainne

A quick email to shamelessly promote BirdLife Australia’s Bird Week which will begin on 19th October and finish 25th October. During the week there will be a VOTE for Australia’s best neighbourly bird, with 52 making the national list of contenders. Hooded Plover made the list because if you live coastally then it’s likely you encounter this bird! Please visit www.birdlife.org.au/birdvote to cast your vote…and please let that vote be for the Hooded Plover (no coercion here!!!)

Don’t be wooed by the colours of the parrots, the calls of the butcherbird or whistler, the majesty of the owls and birds of prey…certainly don’t let the predators of the hoodies win Australia’s favourite – magpies, kestrels, ravens… Vote one for the squattest, pudgiest and most charismatic Hooded Plover!!! Not to mention, they just hang in there against all the odds, they are amazing!

The winning bird will get its own cover of the December issue of Australian BirdLife — BirdLife Australia’s award-winning magazine of all things birdy. One lucky voter will win a three night stay for two adults at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland, and there are heaps of other prizes to be won.

Please forward this email to your networks!

May the best bird win…and please let that be the Hooded Plover!!!



Dr Grainne Maguire | Project Manager – Beach-nesting Birds

B Sc. (Hons), Ph. D.

BirdLife Australia

| birdlife.org.au


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