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Blue Groper

Hi All,                                                                                                                                        I Blue Groperthought you may all be interested and excited to learn that the maturing Blue Groper filmed by Jarrod Boord at the recent fish count at Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary (1/12/13) is a Western Blue Groper, Achoerodus gouldii. The species was confirmed for the first time as being present n Victroia in 2011 and is now a protected fish in Victoria, along with its Eastern cousin Achoerodus viridis.These are the largest bony fish on the southern coast of Australia growing to around 1.4m in length.  (If you missed Jarrod’s great clip of the GVFC @ the Bluff have a look at it here).While “our fish ” (nicknamed “Rod” after local fish ID guru Rod Watson who first reported seeing Blue Groper at Barwon Bluff MS back in 2009) is on its way it still has quite a lot of growing to do before reaching its potential. These charismatic fish are a delight for snorkelers and divers and play a key role as a high order predator in reef ecosystems.It will however only take one spear gun / fisher to  lose this magnificent resident fish!!   Please pass on this message to all friends and visitors to the Bluff, and let’s keep Rod swimming.

Regards, Mark

Here (http://youtu.be/yzpLwZG5vpY )  is a more informative fishy business  clip from another great Friend of the Bluff Jarrod Boord with some stunning images of a larger Blue Groper.  8_Western_Blue_Groper Fact Sheet


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