Birds of the Bluff

The iconic Barwon Heads Bluff is home to a wealth of extraordinary bird life. These birds of the Bluff occupy every niche along our dynamic coast from the tortured scrub atop the imposing limestone cliffs to the scrabble of black basalt boulders of the marine sanctuary below; from the long sweep of a turbulent Bass Strait beach to the fluctuating fortunes of the Barwon estuary; from the tussocky glare of the dunes to the dappled haunts of the Moonah woodland.

So tread carefully, stand patiently and watch quietly and discover the wild places that are home to the birds of the Bluff.

Birds of the Bluff – A walking guide to the birds that live in and visit the Barwon Bluff and environs.

Location map – A map of the location zones for Birds of the Bluff