Eastern Yellow Robin

Common name
Eastern Yellow Robin
Scientific name
Eopsaltria australis
Size – beak to tail
15 – 16 cm
Wing span
Birds of the Bluff
Page 43
Where to find
Forests and woodlands that have a thick understorey and coastal scrub, as well as urban parks and gardens.
Eastern Yellow Robins have a grey back and head, with bright yellow underparts, so they are easy to identify. There is a subtle eye-brow that is pale grey and the bill is black. Both sexes are similar in colour and plumage.

The Eastern Yellow Robin is a friendly and inquisitive species.  They are often seen perched sideways on trunks of trees. Their usual call is a penetrating three note piping whistle. They are one of the first birds to call in the morning before dawn but are otherwise quiet. They feed on insects, spiders and other small arthropods.