Pied Cormorant

Common name
Pied Cormorant
Scientific name
Phalacrocorax varius
Size – beak to tail
 66 – 80 cm
Wing span
Birds of the Bluff
Page 9
Where to find
Open freshwater wetlands, mangroves, swamps and coastal bays.
The Pied Cormorant is a larger cormorant. It is black above and white below, with a pale-coloured beak and a yellow facial spot in front of the eye. It does not have a white eyebrow.

They can be seen in small numbers in the estuary or out to sea. Usually they fly in V-shaped formations or lines.  They swim low on the water, quickly plunging when they spy fish. Like all cormorants their feathers are not waterproof and they are regularly seen with outstretched wings, to dry the feathers, after swimming and diving for food. They feed mainly on fish, with some molluscs and crustaceans.