Common name
Scientific name
Zosterops lateralis
Size – beak to tail
10 – 12 cm
Wing span
Birds of the Bluff
Page 44
Where to find
Coastal heath, shrublands, forests, farms and urban areas.
Silvereyes are named for the prominent ring of silvery-white feathers around the eye. The head and rump are pale olive-coloured and the throat is greenish-yellow. Different populations from different areas show plumage variations, in particular in the colour of the flanks, which is confusing when they replace each other in areas as they migrate across Australia.

They love to eat the fruit of the Kangaroo Apple, despite the fruit being poisonous to humans,during most of the time it is growing. They also eat insects, nectar and fruit. During winter, the Tasmanian sub-species, with brownish flanks, flies in across Bass Strait while the birds that have bred locally move further north. They feed on insects, fruit and nectar.