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Climate Action – Sunday 17th Nov.

Join us at Treasury Place at 11:00 on Sunday 17 November to turn up the heat on Climate Action >

Yesterday the Coalition received a reality check from Australia’s independent umpire on emissions targets – the Climate Change Authority.

The Authority’s draft report says that Australia’s current five percent emissions reduction target is no longer a credible response to such a critical global challenge. Instead they recommend a much higher target of 15 or 25 percent, in line with international efforts to reduce emissions. Experts question whether the Coalition can achieve even a five percent reduction if they abolish the carbon price – let alone a higher target.

So with the Climate Authority raising the bar on climate action, will you? Join us at the huge National Day of Action on Sunday 17 November >

The soon-to-be-abolished Climate Authority is just the latest canary in the coal mine that the Abbott Government is trying to silence on climate change. They’ve abolished the Climate Commission, the Science and the Climate Ministries and scoffed at the warnings of our fire fighters and international climate experts.

So if they’re going to silence the critics and ignore the experts, it’s time to give them a wake-up call from the one group they can’t ignore – the Australian public.

We’re teaming up with GetUp, AYCC, Greenpeace and other NGOs to hold a National Day of Climate Action on Sunday 17 November, kicking off with a massive rally at 11am at Treasury Place in Melbourne’s CBD. RSVP now and find out how you can get involved here >

To really turn up the heat on climate action, we need thousands taking to the streets all over the country. Will you join us and bring five people along?

Now more than ever we need to demonstrate the level of support for climate action in the community. Help us send the Abbott Government a massive climate wake-up call – that Australians expect the Coalition and all political parties to aim higher on climate action.

Join us at the huge National Day of Action on Sunday 17 November > 
Yours sincerely,

Mark Wakeham
Campaigns Director
Environment Victoria


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