While all due care has been taken to provide factual information this guide is not perfect. It is intended to be a simple guide to the remarkable life on our Bluff and surrounds and should be considered as such. For more comprehensive information try the references below:

Without the services of many wonderful people and organisations our resources would not have their depth, complexity and brilliance. We are grateful to those who have supported us on our journey and so generously donated their time, talent and/or expertise. Permission has been granted for use of images within the Friends of the Bluff website, App and printed booklets only. Please contact us for copyright details if you wish to re-use any images.

Every effort has been made to trace and acknowledge copyright. The team would welcome any information from people who believe they own copyright to any material included in this production.

  • Alex Sedger – Coastcare Victoria Co-ordinator
  • Barry Lingham – Photography and Interpretation
  • Bernard Napthine – Photography
  • Buzz Sands – Drawing
  • Craig Morley – Bird Photography and Interpretation
  • David Smith – Photography, image editing and layout
  • Dianne Moore – Coast Action/Coastcare
  • Friends of Beware Reef – Underwater Still and Video Photography
  • Geoff James – – Bird images
  • Gordon McCarthy – Bird photography
  • Graeme Stockton – West Coast Indigenous Nursery – Interpretation
  • Heather Bradley – Drawing
  • Jarrod Boord – Streamline Media – Photography, video editing and production
  • Jill Warneke – Queenscliffe Indigenous Nursery – Plant interpretation
  • Lyn McInnes/Bruce Pascoe – Wathaurong Co-operative
  • Maddie Glynn – Barwon Coast Committee of Management
  • Marine Care Ricketts Point – Photography
  • Mark Norman – Photography
  • Mark Rodrigue – Photography and interpretation
  • Martin Klabbers – Photography & Barwon Heads Historic Info
  • Matt Edmunds – Photography
  • Museum of Victoria
  • NatureShare – Photography
  • Neville Rosengren – Geology images and interpretation
  • Paul Bazalicki – Mapping
  • Peter Dahlhaus – Geology images and interpretation
  • Ray Lewis – Interpretation
  • Ricky Carroll – RixTrix – Design/Layout/Print
  • Rod Watson – Photography and interpretation
  • Steve Tuohy – Parks Victoria
  • Travis Lee – Above & underwater photography & video
  • Trevor Pescott – Bird photography and interpretation
  • Warren Chapman – Barwon Coast Committee of Management
  • Wendy Roberts – Reef Watch
  • Whychwood Environmental Restoration – Photography and intertpretation
  • William Boyle – Photography