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Calcarenite Rocky Reef

Calcarenite rock pools

This broad flat calcarenite rock platform, dotted with rockpools and dissected by deep gutters is one of the jewels of the Bluff. A rockpool rambler’s paradise, layers of algae line the pools providing habitat for anemones, crabs, seastars, Cunjevoi, Sea Tulips and small fish.The great nocturnal predator of the reef, the Maori Octopus, may be seen in rockpools when low tide and good torches coincide.

Everyone’s favourite, the distinctive “string of pearls” seaweed, Neptune’s Necklace, forms a living carpet across the rock platform. It is vulnerable to trampling so tread carefully.

The rockpools area is slippery and it is a must to check the tides. Rogue waves DO exist. Great care should be taken.