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Estuary Facing Dunes

estuary dunes

Where an outgoing tide meets the waves refracting around the Bluff is a narrow riot of fallen rocks, beach wrack, debris and detritus. Fallen rocks become habitat for encrusting worms and grazing molluscs in the splash zone.

Dozens of different green, red and brown seaweed make up the tangled piles of washed up wrack hiding shark egg cases, cuttle skeletons and Puffer Fish bladders. Meanwhile a myriad of insects help convert the mass to nutrients.

The Bluff has been eroding for eons and this process continues today as soft dune sands succumb to time and weather. Tussock grasses, Coast Twinleaf and Coast Daisy Bush continue to find a foothold here.

Please stay off this fragile cliff and observe the warning signs.