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Dividing Beach

Dividing beache between calcarenite and basalt reefs

This beach marks the divide between the ancient dune limestone shelf to the west and the volcanic black basalt to the east. This is the favourite place for divers to begin their thrilling underwater explorations. Kelp forests, sponge gardens and the hidden delights of overhangs and crevices await.

Water channelled into the beach brings a treasure trove for beach combers – operculums, Elephant Snail shells, sea urchin skeletons and occasionally a Weedy Seadragon. This beach wrack is a constant reminder of the diversity of plants and animals on the Bluff.

Looking behind the dune that rises up the Bluff supports a myriad of hardy coastal plants. Dune Thistles are a plant of regional significance, wiry Knobby Clubrush, succulent Coast Bonefruit and Karkalla, and blue-grey Cushion Bush keep this dune intact.