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Letter from Kelly O’Shanassy

Dear FOB Members,

It’s a state of emergency! The state Coalition Government has opened up Victoria for brown coal mining, toll roads, logging and corporate profit at the expense of our environment. It’s been one disastrous decision after another by the Coalition Government. They’ve turned their back on clean energy. They’ve slashed and burned Victoria’s progressive Climate Change Act. And now they want to carve up Victoria for the coal industry’s plans for a global brown coal export industry – that could produce four times the amount of China’s annual emissions!!!

Can you donate $50, $100 or $500 now for our bold campaign to help expose these destructive attacks on our environment including our advertising and media campaign and a swarm of grassroots action?

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Unfortunately the attacks don’t end at our clean energy industry. Our precious National Parks will potentially be opened up for commercial development like hotels and shopping malls. The legal framework that protects our forests, home to the endangered Leadbeater’s Possum and the lungs of our earth, is under threat. This legislation was put in place decades ago by the Liberal Premier Dick Hamer and upheld by governments of all political persuasions until now.

And despite public transport being a key election topic, the Coalition have broken their promise for new train lines and are pushing ahead with an East West Link toll-road that will destroy inner city parkland, force people from their homes and generate even more pollution.

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If we don’t stop these disastrous decisions now, then what will be next? Nothing you and I care about in our environment will be safe – not our rivers, not our forests and national parks, not our wildlife. There will be little hope left for our future if our climate woes are not addressed with the urgent action we so desperately need. The attacks will go on and a cycle of destruction will continue for years to come.

You and I have the power to stop this destruction. Let’s hold the state government to account and save Victoria’s environment and climate for future generations.

You can make an immediate difference by donating today >

It’s a numbers game. The more funds we raise, the more we can do and the more people we can reach.

We’ve done research that shows Victorians are proud of our environment but they don’t know about the wide-scale destruction. Once they are told, they’re not happy, and are inspired to act.

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Through our campaign we’ll ensure that all Victorians know the truth about strong credible solutions, like wind and solar energy, that exist right now. We’ll use these solutions to mobilise people into action and drive clean energy, ecosystem protection and a green economy.

In these trying times for Victoria’s environment, we are the ones who are going to make a difference. Thank you so much for helping to Reclaim Victoria’s Environment.

Yours sincerely,

Kelly O’Shanassy
and the Team from Environment Victoria


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