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Marine Matters – Issue 17

Dear All,

The 17th issue of Marine Matters is now available.

It includes:

  • a new look for the IMOS Ocean Portal;
  • Annual planning meeting roundup;
  • IMOS data streams support informed management of the Great Barrier Reef;
  • release of the State of the Climate 2014 report;
  • the Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network;
  • a new Argo animation;
  • making the IPCC headlines;
  • coral ecosystems recovering relatively quickly to a marine heat wave;
  • new era of colloaborative marine research in the Great Australian Bight;
  • colourful observing footprints;
  • data quality control for CTD profiling data;
  • a student profile of Paige Kelly; and
  • an update from the IMOS OceanCurrent website.

Click here read it now.


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