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Recommendations from IMPAC3

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Dear All,

Many of you would be aware that this month has seen a major gathering of marine protected area (MPA) organisations, agencies, and supporters from around the world in Marseille, France for the 3rd International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC3).  IMPAC occurs every four years with IMPAC1 happening here in Victoria in Geelong in 2005.

This unique opportunity for representatives from 87 countries to focus on both what is happening now with establishing and implementing MPAs,  and setting an agenda on what is needed for future is highly significant.

Of particular interest might be:

  • Ocean TV –  http://www.oceanplus.tv/en  – a video collection of both conference proceedings as well as a wonderful collection of MPA stories from around the world
  • Reports and Proceedings form the Congress – http://www.impac3.org/en/
  • Recommendations arising from the high level ministerial meeting on future targets for MPAs (attached)


I encourage you all to have look and engage where possible with some of the outputs and findings of the forum.

Best wishes, Mark

Mark Rodrigue

Program Leader – Marine and Coasts

Parks Victoria


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