Australasian Gannet

Common name
Australasian Gannet
Scientific name
Morus serrator
Size – beak to tail
90 cm
Wing span
1.7 – 2 m
Birds of the Bluff
Page 7
Where to find
Coastline and large coastal bays. They breed in large noisy colonies on Pope’s Eye and Wedge Light structures in Port Phillip Bay.
The Australasian Gannet has a large wingspan with black trailing edges to the underwing. These birds have mainly white bodies, with distinctive buff-coloured heads and pale blue-grey bills.

Commonly seen out to sea from the Bluff, flying in small groups or in flocks of up to 100. When feeding they circle over the water then suddenly fold back the wings and make spectacular dives into the water. They dive to catch fish after circling at height.