Black-browed Albatross

Common name
Black-browed Albatross
Scientific name
Thalassarche  melanophris
Size – beak to tail
84 – 94 cm
Wing span
2  ̶  2.5 m
Birds of the Bluff
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Where to find
They live on the wing over the southern oceans and breed on sub-Antarctic islands.
They are large sea birds with a white face and a small black brow over dark eyes. The wings are very dark above including also across the back. The underwing has thick, dark edges and a patch of white in the middle.

The Black-browed Albatroos is most likely to be seen during winter when they move through Bass Strait in search of food. The best time to find albatross is on a very windy day, as they find it easier to fly when the wind is strong. They fly over the ocean surface, searching for plankton, squid, cuttlefish, crustaceans and fish.