Eastern Rosella

Common name
Eastern Rosella
Scientific name
Platycercus eximius
Size – beak to tail
29 – 34 cm
Wing span
Birds of the Bluff
Page 22
Where to find
Open woodlands, grasslands farmlands and remnant bushland as well as urban areas.
The beautiful Eastern Rosella has a striking combination of bright colours. The head, neck and breast are red while the belly and back are yellow to green. the wings are blue, with a black patch on the shoulder. The bill is white and there is a white cheek patch. The outer tail is blue and the inner tail is green.

It frequents open forest areas but has adapted to living in urban zones where it may be seen in parks and gardens. Like many other parrots, the Eastern Rosella makes a nest in a hollow branch, but it is happy to use an artificially constructed nest box if hollow trees are not available. They mate for life, with the male feeding the female while she incubates the eggs. They feed on seeds, fruits, buds, flower and nectar.