Grey Shrike-thrush

Common name
Grey Shrike-thrush
Scientific name
Colluricincla harmonica
Size – beak to tail
22 – 25 cm
Wing span
Birds of the Bluff
Page 38
Where to find
Open forests to coastal scrub. All areas except very arid regions.
The Grey Shrike-Thrush is a plain grey bird with a brown back. It has pale grey-white cheeks and underparts.

The Grey Shrike-thrush is considered one of the best songster amongst Australia’s birds. It has a wide range of loud melodic calls of “pip pip hooee” that can be heard early in the morning. Some calls are short single notes and other calls have a range of notes. Generally in winter the birds utter a call of “tewk”. They feed on invertebrates mostly insects, and vertebrates, including  frogs, small mammals, small lizards, as well as birds’ eggs, and young and adult birds.