Little Raven

Common name
Little Raven
Scientific name
Corvus mellori
Size – beak to tail
48 – 50 cm
Wing span
Birds of the Bluff
Page 40
Where to find
Woodlands to almost treeless plains, scrub and coastal areas.
The Little Rave is a dark, glossy all black. This species utters a call consisting of a rapid sequence of short, hard and clipped notes on an even tone. The call may sometimes fall away at the end but never to the extent of the drawn out wavering death-rattle of the Australian Raven.

There are three similar raven species in the Geelong district, but usually only the Little Raven visits the Bluff area. It lacks the long throat hackles of the Australian Raven. Large flocks congregate on the sand dunes to feast on the white berries of the Coast Beard Heath in mid-summer. They feed mainly on invertebrates, especially insects, but also small vertebrates, including small birds, eggs and nestlings and carrion. Also some plant material especially seeds and fruit.