Musk Lorikeet

Common name
Musk Lorikeet
Scientific name
Glossopsitta concinna
Size – beak to tail
21 – 23 cm
Wing span
Birds of the Bluff
Page 26
Where to find
Forests, woodlands and urban areas with dense vegetation.
Musk Lorikeets are medium-sized, sturdy parrots. The distinctive red cap and mark through the eye help to identify this species. They have a green body, red-brown bill, red forehead and a red stripe on the cheek. Upper body and underparts green with yellow patch on the shoulders.

When the local Bellarine Yellow Gums flower in winter, flocks of Musk Lorikeets arrive for the feast. At other times, low numbers may be seen in flowering trees such as the Tuart Gums in the Barwon Heads Caravan Park. They are nomadic, following the flowering of the trees, moving to different areas in different seasons and often seen in large noisy flocks with other parrots. They feed on nectar and pollen from flowering eucalypts.