Red Wattlebird

Common name
Red Wattlebird
Scientific name
Anthochaera carunculata
Size – beak to tail
32 – 36 cm
Wing span
Birds of the Bluff
Page 37
Where to find
Urban areas, forests and open woodlands.
The Red Wattlebird is the largest of the local honeyeaters. It has a red fleshy lobe (wattle) hanging below its cheek. The body is dark grey-brown streaked with white and the abdomen is yellow. Juvenile birds may completely lack the wattle and the yellow abdomen. The loud call of the Red Wattlebird can be heard all year around.

Sometimes nests in trees in residential gardens or around the Barwon heads Caravan Park. They will aggressively protect food- bearing plants from other honeyeater species. They are generally seen singly or in small groups but can congregate in large numbers when food is abundant.  They feed on nectar, berries and occasionally invertebrates (mainly insects) and insect products such as lerps and honeydew.