Shy Albatross

Common name
Shy Albatross
Scientific name
Thalassarche cauta
Size – beak to tail
90  ̶  100 cm
Wing span
 2.1  ̶   2.6 m
Birds of the Bluff
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Where to find
The only albatross to breed in Australian waters, with a colony on Albatross Island in Bass Strait.
The body is white, upper-wings are a dark grey and the underwing is mostly white with a thin grey edge. The bone-coloured bill is stout.

The Shy Albatross is a large seabird. It is usually seen during winter, but may be seen from March to October. More numerous  than the Black browed Albatross in recent years. They fly over the ocean surface, searching for plankton, squid, cuttle, crustaceans and fish.