Sooty Oystercatcher

Common name
Sooty Oystercatcher
Scientific name
Haematopus fuliginosus
Size – beak to tail
40 – 52 cm
Wing span
Birds of the Bluff
Page 18
Where to find
Islands, sometimes intertidal mudflats. Resident all year, but moves about the coastal areas.
The Sooty Oystercatcher has a uniform black colour all over the body. The red bill and legs are thicker than the Pied Oystercatcher.

The Sooty Oystercatcher feeds on the rock platform – prising,  hammering or levering molluscs or crustaceans from the rock. Or it may eat sand hoppers on the beach area. They are usually seen in pairs, but form flocks in the non-breeding season from January to August. They feed on molluscs, crustaceans, worms and other invertebrates and also small fish.