Spotted Pardalote

spotted_pardalote_(4) spotted_pardalote_(5) spotted_pardalote_(1)
Common name
Spotted Pardalote
Scientific name
Pardalotus punctatus
Size – beak to tail
8 – 10 cm
Wing span
Birds of the Bluff
Page 31
Where to find
Forest, woodland and urban areas with eucalypt canopies.
The Spotted Pardalote is an endearing small bird with jewel-like plumage.  The top of the head and wings are black with white spots, while the face is grey and the tail is black with a white tip. The lower back (rump) is chestnut-red. The male has a yellow throat patch and yellow underneath the tail. The female has a cream throat.

The call of the Spotted Pardalote can be heard from high in the gum trees where they feed. The call is bell-like, with a note followed by two notes close together. If these tiny birds come down lower to allow easier viewing, the splendid colours and markings can be fully appreciated. They often allow you to get very close if you move slowly and quietly. The nest is a burrow into a sandy bank, compost heap or hanging garden basket. They glean invertebrates from gum leaves.