Short-tailed Sea Slug

Scientific name
Ceratosoma brevicaudatum
Common name
Short–tailed Sea Slug
Life on the Edge
Page 34
Nudibranchs and allies
Where to find
Rocky shores and reefs, to depths greater than 100 m
The Short-tailed Sea Slug is one of the more commonly seen Victorian nudibranchs and has a pink or orange body, with red or purple spots around the margin. Each spot is surrounded by a white edge.  Up to 15 cm long

This spectacular animal can be found in rockpools or on the reef edge where it feeds on sponges or bryozoans often toxic to other species. The group name nudibranchs refers to the naked gills seen as the retractable feathery structures located towards the rear on these animals backs, often seen when  feeding or undisturbed.