Leathery Kelp

Ecklonia radiata leathery_kelp_(2)  leathery kelp (5)
Scientific name
Ecklonia radiata
Common names
Leathery Kelp/Common Kelp
Life on the Edge
Page 10
Brown Algae
Where to find
Moderately exposed reefs

This golden-brown to dark brown kelp appears in a variety of forms – in deep water it has a long stipe (stem) and smooth fronds but in shallow water has a short stipe and fronds covered by spines.

Leathery Kelp is a common seaweed of the Bluff and is seen washed up in masses. Forming a complex habitat this species has fish using the blades for cover, while invertebrates and smaller red algae live beneath. It can tolerate low-light conditions and is the deepest growing of the algae.